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"Your complete guide to a happy, healthy pet Bearded dragon"
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Advanced Bearded Dragon Care

- Discover all there is to know to keep a Bearded dragon in your own home! -


Dear Bearded Dragon Keeper,

The popular Inland Bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps), the new “household dog”, the “new pet on the block”, is attracting a lot of attention in the exotic pet trade during the last few years. These lizards have earned a lot of respect as extremely docile, interesting, easy and fun to keep reptile pets. Radical words such as fascinating, extreme, wonderful and many more are being used by keepers to describe these them. Bearded dragons are also popular because of their small size en suitable for both experienced and beginner reptile keepers alike.

These Australian lizards are now seen in large numbers even outside their natural environment. Advances in technology have made it possible to keep these extraordinary desert animals in your own home. Information has made it possible to feed these animals better than what they are used to even in their natural habitats.

Unfortunately although this is true, a lot of these animals don’t get the attention and husbandry they need. Some people fail because of ignorance while others are confused by the different opinions on the keeping of these animals. I have experienced that the vast majority of medical related problems in Bearded dragons are caused by incorrect husbandry (keeping, feeding, supplementing etc.). As a veterinary practitioner with a special interest in Bearded dragon medicine I’ve seen them all. Some will live, some will unfortunately die, but what is certain is that most of these expensive to treat or terminal diseases and conditions could have been prevented!

If you are reading this, you most certainly must be a Bearded dragon keeper who wants to be responsible and know how to properly care for your fascinating little friend.

My solution to you: The Advanced Bearded Dragon Manual. This eBook has it all, all the basic information you will definitely need to keep a pet Bearded dragon, including housing, selecting and purchasing, handling and feeding and loads of more advanced and interesting topics, most never seen in any other Bearded dragon book. Weather you are doing research before buying a new pet Bearded dragon, already own a Bearded dragon or are curious to find out everything there is to know, this eBook is for you.


Advanced Bearded Dragon Care eBook 

The Advance Bearded Dragon Manual covers all the aspects needed to keep a healthy pet Bearded dragon and more. The eBook is written in the same fashion and explanatory level than the hugely popular Basic Bearded Dragon, with the only difference that it contains more and more in depth Bearded dragon information.

Some of the topics covered include Bearded dragon care, anatomy, biology, the purchasing, handling and feeding of these animals. It also includes detailed information on the correct and different methods of Bearded dragon housing, a comprehensive zoology section where Beardies are seen in their natural environments, loads of feedstuffs with recipes that can be fed to both Beardies and feeder crickets, correct supplementation, Bearded dragon legislation, cricket breeding, Bearded dragon breeding and incubator setup, major Bearded dragon health issues, basic emergency care, import, quarantine and biosecurity and many more.

Author: Renier Delport

Format: A4 eBook (Electronic Book-PDF-format)
Pages: 138
123 Full-colour Photos & 13 Illustrations
Average customer rating:


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The BeardedDragonCare website is in association with RepVet Books. Over the last few years we had hundreds of happy, satisfied internet clients.

The Advanced Bearded Dragon Manual is designed to cater for both the experienced and novice pet Bearded dragon keeper alike. Some more important topics that are discussed in much detail includes the following:

Bearded Dragon Zoology & Biology

  • The Australian deserts

  • Pogona species - similar Bearded dragons - Bearded dragon species

  • Bearded dragon anatomy

Selecting A Bearded Dragon

  • What to know before getting a Bearded dragon

  • What to look for when buying a baby Bearded dragon

  • Where to buy Bearded dragons

Bearded Dragon Feeding

  • What to feed Bearded dragons

  • How much crickets to feed a Bearded dragon

  • How much crickets a Bearded dragon should eat

  • What veggies (greens) to feed Bearded dragons - Bearded dragon greens

  • Mealworms

  • What supplements to give a Bearded dragon- Bearded dragon supplementation

  • Other insects to feed Bearded dragons

Bearded Dragon Housing

  • Recommended Bearded dragon vivarium size

  • Building / constructing a Bearded dragon cage?

  • Time spend outside basking

  • Suitable vivarium plants

  • Appropriate heating & lighting

  • Recommended Bearded dragon substrates

  • Cleaning & disinfection agents

  • Outside cages / Bearded dragon reptilliary

Bearded Dragon Health

  • Anorexic Bearded dragons

  • Constipation / sand impaction

  • Transmissible diseases to humans

  • Greens feeding - incl. tips on how to get a baby Beardie to eat its veggies

  • Disease prevention

  • What to look for in a sick Bearded dragon

  • Where to find a reptile / Beardie friendly veterinarians

Bearded Dragon Breeding

  • Egg laying - incl. egg collection / handling & incubator setup

  • Gravid females - including proper feeding

  • Bearded dragon sex determination

  • Bearded dragon incubator

Bearded Dragon Behaviour

  • Biting behaviour

  • Digging behaviour

  • Biting behaviour modification

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Curious, but not yet convinced?

As an advanced Bearded dragon keeper you might be tired of reading the same Bearded dragon care and husbandry information over and over again. You know how to keep your Beardie happy, you want more right? Well, I have the same solution for you.

The Advanced Bearded Dragon Manual will help you achieve more with your Bearded dragon enterprise. (The same goes for all those aspiring entrepreneurs / Bearded dragon breeders out there). Refer to the following flow diagram to see what I'm talking about:



Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon


Keeping & Breeding
Feeder Crickets

Basic Genetics &
Bearded Dragon Incubator


Healthy Cost Effective

Management &



Profitable Large & Small Scale Enterprise


Here's some of the more frequent questions our more advanced Bearded dragon clients ask:

Bearded Dragon Economics & Management

  • Making money

  • Reducing expenses

  • Value adding

Bearded Dragon Breeding & Genetics

  • Colour & pattern morphs (i.e. Red Bearded dragons)

  • Basic Bearded dragon genetics

Bearded Dragon Health Care

  • Endoparasites of Bearded dragons

  • Emergency care

  • Zoonoses

  • Preventing disease transmission

  • Salmonellosis


  • Feeder cricket breeding

  • How to build an incubator for Bearded dragon eggs

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 But hey, don't let the title fool you!

Although The Advanced Bearded Dragon Manual is written with advanced topics and explanations, it is still written in simple plain English! I still wanted to make it easy and fun to read. It contains basic, understandable explanations, logically laid out or in step-by-step fashion.

The Advanced Bearded Dragon is currently available for a mere $32 (regular price U$36.00)

Here's even more reasons why you should invest in this very exclusive offer!


 Reason #1
The Advanced Bearded Dragon Manual only sold in electronic format (eBook)

What makes this so great you ask?

Apart from being available on this website only, this also means that the book will be available for download within seconds after the purchase is complete. What is more is that it can be easily stored on a PC/Mac, CD/DVD, memory stick, iPod, PSP or any other electronic storage device for easy transport. It also means that the order process is automated - you can literally be reading the full content with no hassles within the next 4 minutes!

 The Advanced Bearded Dragon Manual is now ready-to-read on the
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The Advanced Bearded Dragon Manual is produced & distributed as an Electronic Book (eBook) in simple PDF-format. Anyone can view and print PDF-files by downloading Adobe® Reader®. Click here to download Adobe® Reader® for free
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 Reason #2
 Exclusive Book, Exclusive Content

  1. You won't find The Advanced Bearded Dragon Manual in any store or library. This is your one and only way to get hold of this exclusive piece of literature.

  2. Some of the topics featured in this book have never been covered in any other Bearded dragon book. Why are they in this book you ask? This is where most of the problems occur. Because I've seen most pet Bearded dragon relate problems, I have a pretty good idea where things go wrong. As a team we also incorporate feedback from our current eBook clients - things like FAQs, explanations, guidance etc.

    See the table of contents listed below:

Table Of Contents 1
Conversion Factors & Abbreviations 7
Foreword 8
Introduction 10
Description 10
Bearded Dragon Fact Sheet 11
Bearded Dragon Biology 12
Natural Food & Habitat 12
Something Interesting 12
Bearded Dragon Classification 12
Bearded Dragon Distribution 12
The Australian Deserts 12
Bearded Dragon Zoology 14
The Eight Bearded Dragon Species (Pogona genus) 15
Inland Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps) 15
Dwarf Bearded Dragons 16
Eastern Bearded Dragon 17
Nullabor Bearded Dragon 17
Lawson’s Bearded Dragons 18
Small-scaled Bearded Dragon 18
Mitchell's Northwest Bearded Dragon 18
Other Dragons & Agamids 18
Bearded Dragon Anatomy 21
Skin Shedding 22
Bearded Dragons As Pets 23
Introduction 23
Is A Bearded Dragon The Right Pet For You? 23
Buying A Bearded Dragon 24
Choosing A Bearded Dragon 24
Where To Buy Bearded Dragons 24
Price 26
Something Interesting 26
Captive Care Environment & Vivarium Setup 27
Introduction 27
Most Important Considerations Before The Final Construction Or 
Purchase Of An Enclosure 27
Vivarium Size 27
Additional Pointers With Regard To Enclosures 29
Cabinets Vs. Aquariums 30
Substrates 31
Newspaper & Brown Butcher Paper 31
Sand 31
Astroturf™ & Carpet 32
Gravel 32
Heating 33
Managing & Controlling Ambient Temperatures 34
Primary Heat Source / Basking Area 34
Thermometers & Thermostats 35
Infra Red Lights 36
Other Heating Equipment 36
Photoperiod 37
Basic Light Physics 38
Lighting 38
Recommended Ultra Violet Exposure For Captive Bearded Dragons 39
Ultra Violet Intensity 40
UVB & Calcium Metabolism 41
UVA & Light Perception 41
Reflectors 41
Vivarium Decoration / Environment Enrichment 42
Hiding 42
Outside Enclosures / Reptilliary 43
Adapting A Bearded Dragon To Its New Home 45
Adult Males 45
Size Does Matter 46
Colour & Pattern Morphs 47
Introduction 47
Breeding Programs 47
Some Descriptions 47
Red Bearded dragons 48
Food & Feeding Bearded Dragons 49
Crickets 50
Keeping Crickets 52
Cricket Bulk Food Mixture 53
Cricket Gut Loading Recipe 1 54
Cricket Gut Loading Recipe 2 54
Culturing / Breeding Crickets 55
Grasshoppers & Cockroaches 57
A Note On Mealworms 58
Other Foodstuffs 58
Nestling Mice 58
Fly Ants 59
Superworms 59
Waxworms 59
Butterworms 59
Silkworms 59
Phoenix worms 59
Greens 60
Fruit 60
Vegetables 60
Leaves / Herbs 61
Flowers 61
Water 63
Supplementation 63
Gut Loading 64
Dusting & Sprinkling 64
Calcium Supplementation 64
Bearded Dragon Handling & Transportation 65
Transportation 66
Bearded Dragon Status & Legislation 67
Protection / Endangered Status 67
South Africa 67
Australia 68
Behavioural Aspects 70
Introduction 70
Natural Behaviour 70
Thermoregulatory Behaviour 71
Threatening Behaviour 71
Appetite Related Aggression 72
Breeding Bahaviour 72
Winter / Slumber Behaviour 72
Digging / Burrowing Behaviour 72
Cannibalistic Behaviour 73
Understanding Basic Genetics 74
Introduction 74
Phenotypes, Genotypes & Traits 75
Single Gene or Qualitative Traits 76
Multiple Gene or Quantitative Traits 76
Breeding Programs 77
Generation Interval 78
Requirements For A Successful Breeding Program 78
Breeding Bearded Dragons In Captivity 80
Introduction 80
Breeding Facts 80
Sexing 80
Breeding Females 83
Breeding Males 83
Breeding Evolution 84
Egg Laying 84
Egg Lying Substrates 85
Substrate Preparation 85
Egg-laying- / Nest-box 85
Egg Management Before Incubation 85
Hatching Percentage 86
Fecundity 86
Mortality Until Juvenile / Selling 88
Baby & Juvenile Management 88
Bearded Dragon Incubator 90
Introduction 90
Overview Of The Parts Needed 90
Incubator Setup Requirements 92
Incubator Construction Steps 93
Incubator Test Run 96
Important Pointers Before Incubation 96
Important Pointers During Incubation 97
Incubator Placement 97
10 Things To Avoid With Bearded Dragons 98
Management & Routine Procedures 100
Introduction 100
Record Keeping 100
General Keeping Management 100
Breeding Management 101
Marketing Planning 101
Basic Marketing & Economics 103
Introduction 103
Demand 103
Value Adding 103
Advertising 104
Pet Shop & Advertising Display Vivariums 104
Additional Tips 104
Market Research 104
Economics 105
Bearded Dragon Health 107
Introduction 107
Stress 108
Disease 108
Supportive Treatment 109
Emergency Care / First Aid By Owners 111
Dystocia 112
Endoparasites 113
Pinworms 113
Coccidiosis 114
Coccidiosis In Large Collections 114
Flagellated Protozoans 115
General Endoparasitic Treatment 115
Impactions 117
Nutritional Disorders 118
Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD) 118
Basic Calcium Physiology 121
Eye Problems 122
Skin Problems 122
Burn Wounds & Trauma 123
Respiratory Problems 123
Winter Slumber 124
Skin Shedding Problems / Anecdysis 124
Periodontal Disease 124
Reptile-Friendly Veterinarians 124
Routine Veterinary Visits / Preventative Medicine 124
Necropsy & Disposal Of Deceased Specimens 125
Zoonoses 126
Salmonellosis 127
Bearded Dragon Biosecurity 129
Introduction 129
Infectious Diseases 129
Quarantine 130
Levels Of Isolation 131
Important Factors 131
Quarantine Facilities 131
Bearded Dragon Sanitation & Hygiene 133
Introduction 133
Sanitization Of The Environment 133
Sanitization For The Owner 134
Hand Wash 134
Product Comparison Table 135
Congenital Defects 136
Introduction 136
Additional Activities 137
Nail Trimming 137
Body / Walking Harnesses 137
On A Last Note 138
Critics 138
Appendix A – Sizes Of Popular Commercial Vivariums 139
Commonly Used / Commercially Available Vivarium Types & Sizes
Appendix B – Resources 140
Commercial / Custom Herptile Vivarium Producers & Suppliers 140
Feeder Insect & Insects Related Products Suppliers 140
Herptile Friendly Veterinarians, Specialists & Rescue Centres 141
Bearded Dragon Related Resources 141
Other Related Resources 141
Glossary 142
Consulted Literature 148
Websites Consulted 149

Phew, what a list!

As stated above, I love to get feedback from current clients. Your question or contribution can make this manual even better for other Bearded dragon keepers out there. If there is anything you don't understand or want to comment on, send me an email. I always get back to each and every email, you can hold me to my word.


 Reason #3
 Positive Feedback & High Standard Rating

The proof is in the pudding right? What do current customers have to say about The Advanced Bearded Dragon Manual? Up to date we only had positive feedback regarding the contents of the book. This is just some of the comments they left:

"I was so looking forward to this, definitely worth the wait! Thanks."
- Sole, GT South Africa


"Your Basic Bearded Dragon Manual is very helpful.  I am interested in your Advanced Bearded Dragon Manual."
- Christa, South Africa


 Reason #4
Money Back Guarantee

Because we want our customers to be 100% satisfied with our product, we offer a SATISFACTION MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Yes, that's right, if you're not 100% happy with The Advanced Bearded Dragon Manual let us know and we will refund the purchase price in full.

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If you managed to scroll down to this point you are certainly interested in being the best Bearded dragon owner you can ever be. But you're probably concerned about what you'll be getting from this deal? Before you close this page think about the following two questions:

What is a resource like this worth to you?

Think about it this way - What is it going to cost you to gather / learn this much information? All in one fast downloadable, easy readable document. The Advanced Bearded Dragon Manual is not only the result of years of research, but also years of personal experience and mistakes. You can have all this in under 5 minutes!

How much money you can potentially save?

Here's a few pointers to consider:

  • The price of one vet bill can potentially be more expensive than this eBook.

  • Making money with babies can be a breeze.

  • By efficiently breeding crickets you can drastically reduce your expenses.

  • It costs money (not to mention the emotional implications) to loose a Beardie due to unnecessary / preventable death.

If you are interested, good for you! Remember, under five minutes!!


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Thank you for reading my letter. If you did not already do so (and I'm sure you did), go on, do yourself and your reptile friend a huge favour by buying The Advanced Bearded Dragon Manual and be informed.


Baby Bearded Dragon Baby Bearded Dragon Care Advanced Bearded Dragon Care

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